About Us

The New Jersey STEM Pathways Network, a strategic public-private alliance, was established in 2014 by the New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education to define and guide a STEM vision for cradle to career pathways in New Jersey. The NJSPN is chaired by Laura Overdeck, Chair of the Overdeck Family Foundation and Founder of Bedtime Math and is managed by the Research & Development Council of New Jersey.

The NJSPN aims to attract, cultivate and retain a 21st century workforce in New Jersey, ensuring the state remains a top global competitor in STEM industry and continues its rich history of innovation.

Our Vision

For New Jersey to attract, cultivate and retain a 21st century workforce that is engaged and supported through statewide alignment of public and private STEM educational resources, ensuring that the state remains globally competitive in STEM industries and continues its rich history of innovation.

Our Mission

The NJ STEM Pathways Network defines and guides a statewide STEM vision for cradle to career formal and informal learning opportunities that strengthen academic skills and inspire students; facilitates research and recommendations on STEM talent pipeline needs and barriers to success; and exposes students to the many educational pathways, experiences, and professionals that can prepare them for STEM degree programs and careers in New Jersey.

Our Values

Ensuring Equity and Access for All

Promoting Stackable Qualifications, Credentials and Real-world Connections

Implementing Multi-stakeholder Collaboration to Foster a Systematic, Grass-tops Approach to Advancing STEM

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