NJ STEM Month 2021

March 2022 | #NJSTEMMonth

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About NJ STEM Month

NJ STEM Month is a celebration co-hosted by the New Jersey STEM Pathways Network and Research & Development Council of New Jersey that highlights the Garden State’s incredible accomplishments in science, technology, engineering, math and innovation.

With the support of Governor Murphy’s administration and Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker’s office, NJ STEM Week expanded to include the entire month of March in 2018. March is now New Jersey STEM Month as designated by the New Jersey State Legislature and gubernatorial proclamation.

ALL organizations in the state are called to showcase and celebrate excellent work in STEM for NJ STEM Month by hosting/attending events and engaging on social media.

How to Participate

Anyone can participate in NJ STEM Month by hosting or attending NJ STEM events throughout the month of March, and/or by engaging on social media through #NJSTEMMonth.

Become an NJ STEM Month Committee Member!

NJ STEM Month Host Committee Members commit to:

  • Host a STEM Month event.
  • Impacting a predetermined amount of learners.
  • Placing one op-ed in their local paper.
  • Hosting a state legislator at their NJ STEM Month event.
  • Take part in planning STEM Month events including: State House event and STEM Funders Roundtable breakfast.

Apply now.

View our current committee members here.

NJ STEM Month Events

You can participate in NJ STEM Month by identifying existing programs or events to showcase during March 2022 and add it to the state calendar by completing the NJSPN Event Form.

If your organization does not have an existing program or event to showcase during March 2022, reach out to local organizations to discuss a potential partnership for a STEM Month event. You are also encouraged to create new opportunities for state partners to tour a program site or host a new event in your area. The goal is to showcase STEM in your region and spark conversation surrounding STEM in New Jersey

Examples of NJ STEM Month events include…

Event-based Dialogue about STEM

Invite important partners in your community to discuss local employment and learning needs. This might include existing seminars, forums, roundtables and symposiums. Partners could include:
  • Business/industry,
  • Post-secondary institutions,
  • PK-12 school districts,
  • Science centers, museums, aquariums,
  • Non-profit partners,
  • Faith-based organizations,
  • Families; and more!

Site Tours

Invite external partners to come see your training facilities or workplaces. Site tours could include:

  • Tours of local business and industry partners working in areas of science, technology, engineering, math and more,
  • Tours of training facilities at a post-secondary institution,
  • Tours of laboratories and other spaces designed for experiments and hands-on learning,
  • Gallery walks.

Program Visits

Do you typically host learners to engage in a programmatic activity that enhances STEM skills? Invite others to join you in March to see how your program works. Examples might include:

  • After school programs focused on STEM learning,
  • Internships or apprenticeship activities,
  • Post-secondary programming to engage students in STEM,
  • Mentoring sessions.

Interactive/ Hands- on Challenges

These activities are meant to engage participants in problem solving and hands-on activities to get everyone excited about STEM. Sample challenges might look like:

  • Coding Exercises,
  • Math challenges,
  • Building activities,
  • Machine demonstrations; and more! 

Use #NJSTEMMonth on Social Media

All organizations are encouraged to join the conversation on Social Media by following @NJSTEMPathways and @RDCouncilNJ on Twitter, and by using #NJSTEMMonth.

Twitter Sweepstakes: Tweet using #NJSTEMMonth to be entered into our sweepstakes.

1 lucky winner will receive an official NJ STEM Month gubernatorial proclamation along with other prizes.

Event Enhancement Resources

NJ STEM Month Logo


The official NJ STEM Month logo

Legislative Contacts

Handout containing the contact information of all New Jersey state legislators. 

Invitation Language

Use this language to invite legislators, members of industry, or other important individuals to your NJ STEM Month event.

Informational One-Pager

Distribute this document at your event to provide additional information about NJ STEM Month.

Informational PowerPoint

Customize this presentation to fit your organization’s NJ STEM Month Event.

Press Release Language

Modify this sample press release language to generate publicity around your NJ STEM Month event.

OP-ED Guide

Use this guide from Harvard Kennedy School to write an OP-ED about NJ STEM Month.

Media List

Send your NJ STEM Month Press Release and op-ed to this list!

'STEM Showcase' at the New Jersey Statehouse

The New Jersey STEM Pathways Network and the Research & Development Council of New Jersey have celebrated NJ STEM Month with a ‘STEM Fair’ at the State House in Trenton. The STEM Fair gives STEM organizations from across the state the opportunity to showcase their work within New Jersey’s STEM pipeline. 

Due to Covid-19, the NJSPN had to cancel its annual STEM Showcase in 2020 and 2021. Instead, the NJSPN moved in a virtual direction and designed an online “STEM Showcase” book. Check it out here!

This year, we are hoping to be in person again. More information will be shared in the next few months. 

NJ STEM Month Awards

Help us identify New Jersey’s STEM Champions for 2021! Awards are open to all stakeholders responsible for learning, achievement and innovation in the state, including: schools, nonprofit organizations, businesses, philanthropies, science centers/museums/aquariums, faith-based organizations, etc.

Winners will be honored at the ‘STEM Fair’ at the New Jersey State House  as part of NJ STEM Month.


Awards and Descriptions

STEM Advocate of the Year (STEM Thought Leader and Advocate)
Celebrating a true spokesperson for STEM in New Jersey, this honor highlights an organization or individual who most effectively communicates the importance of STEM to New Jersey and its citizens. The NJSPN STEM Advocate of the Year is making big waves to ensure the Garden State continues to lead the nation in innovation and meaningful work.

STEM Civic Leadership Award
Organization or individual who demonstrates extraordinary civic leadership in STEM in their community. This award will be provided to those who have sought to improve and enhance the quality of STEM in their community through initiatives that include volunteerism, mentorship, and/or training.

STEM Collaboration of the Year
This award celebrates the individuals and/or organizations moving beyond silos to create a more connected in New Jersey. The STEM Collaborator develops partnerships and combines resources to provide outstanding STEM programming and establish clear career pathways in their community and beyond. To qualify, submissions must exhibit collaborations between three or more individuals or organizations.

STEM Educator of the Year (Inspiring STEM Minds of the Future)
Awarded to an individual or organization that has dedicated their time and energy to successfully improving STEM learning outcomes for students in New Jersey. The STEM Educator of the Year understands STEM as more than an acronym and promotes STEM as a way of thinking, developing a growth mindset and STEM identities in all learners.

Corporate STEM Champion of the Year
Awarded to a business that has demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting New Jersey’s STEM economy through education and/workforce initiatives. Commitments must include a minimum of two different types of engagement (e.g. funding, volunteerism, leadership, advocacy, etc.

NJ STEM Month Mini Grants

Thanks to the generosity of the Overdeck Family Foundation, 2022 NJ STEM Month mini-grants are available in amounts of up to $500 for event/program enhancements. 

Event/program enhancements can include hosting costs such as snacks, meals, transportation, materials, etc.

Support NJ STEM Month

Become a NJ STEM Month sponsor at any of our giving levels. By sponsoring this month long celebration you are:

  • Giving New Jersey schools, students and families access to hands-on, STEM learning experiences through distribution of
    mini grants.
  • Providing training for educators and students entering the workforce.
  • Supporting regional events to bring deeper public awareness and a greater understanding of STEM career pathways.
  • Elevating New Jersey’s status as a global leader in STEM and innovation.

To Make a Donation please make checks payable to The Research & Development Council of New Jersey; ATTN: New Jersey STEM Pathways Network.

NJ STEM Month Contact

Kim Case 

kcase@rdnj.org | 973.274.8336

Shirley Guzman

sguzman@rdnj.org | 973.274.8339