New Jersey
STEM Learning Ecosystems

"Interconnected, collaborative efforts of New Jersey communities working towards a shared vision for STEM"

What are New Jersey STEM Ecosystems?

The NJSPN currently oversees seven STEM learning ecosystems representing ten counties within the state of New Jersey. These ecosystems connect STEM stakeholders at a regional level, develop new and expanding initiatives to support the education-to-workforce pipeline in their areas, and engage in a national community of practice of 94 STEM Learning Ecosystems around the world.


Participating New Jersey STEM Ecosystems

About the STEM Learning Ecosystem Model

The New Jersey STEM Ecosystems initiative is modeled after the STEM Funders Network STEM Learning Ecosystems Initiative, which promotes the cultivation of STEM Learning Ecosystems in communities throughout the world. The worldwide STEM Learning Ecosystems contribute to the larger STEM education and learning landscape.

Each of the 94 worldwide ecosystems participate in a Community of Practice, or a national and regional peer-to-peer professional learning network for communities to share information and expertise. More information about the STEM Funders Network and its ecosystems can be found at