Computer Science

Computer Science Priority Group

Group Chairs

Dr. Deidre Richardson

State Coordinator of Mathematics and Computer Science Lead
New Jersey Department of Education

Dr. Tunde Onitiri

Solution Architect, Delivery Manager, and Ecosystem Co-Lead
South Jersey STEM and Innovation Partnership

Group Goals

Goal 1

To increase the number of educators and the number of schools prepared to provide high quality concepts-focused K-12 Computer Science instruction and professional learning opportunities for all grade bands (K-2, G3-5, G6-8, G9-12).

Goal 2

To increase the number of influencers and decision-makers with a high level understanding of the five core concepts of the K-12 Computer Science framework.

Goal 3

To broaden the participation of underrepresented populations across each NJ school district through culturally responsive and sensitive outreach programs to provide inclusive and equitable access to Computer Science learning and career pathways.

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