Learning Ecosystem

Leading Organization:

Flemmington-Raritan School District

Kari McGann

Superintendent of Schools


Ralph Losanno

Supervisor of Technology


Kristen Wolff

Supervisor of Mathematics and Science


Who We Are

HSMC (Hunterdon County, Somerset County, and Mercer County) Tri-county STEM Ecosystem Consortium believes in the foundational principle that communities must come together for the benefit of providing opportunities for all in STEM.  The ecosystem brings together multiple superintendents of schools from throughout Hunterdon, Somerset, and Mercer Counties in New Jersey.

Additional support comes from business industries, higher education institutions, private and public preschools, local arts organizations, environmental education centers, after school and before school providers, and municipal leaders.  

All partners work with the intention to unite efforts for communities to impact New Jersey’s STEM workforce gap and to ensure students have a positive STEM identity. HSMC (Hunterdon County, Somerset County, and Mercer County) Tri-county STEM Ecosystem Consortium members commit to guiding principles that will provide STEM opportunities for all students, support to community leaders, and partnerships between K – 12 institutions and higher education institutions

Key Programs

Exxon Mobil: Girls in STEM
In an effort to engage more girls in STEM, Exxon Mobil scientists spend the day with 8th grade girls for a day filled with STEM-tastic learning! Eighth grade student Leah Kemp shared with the School Superintendent, “Most groups say that girls should be involved in [STEM} not just because they’re girls, but because it’s interesting. I’m involved in [STEM] because it’s interesting! I’m involved because I like science and the hands-on approach.” The eighth-grade girls spend the day with engineers to practice their skills at collaboration, problem-solving, brainstorming, with some math, science, creativity, and ingenuity thrown-in.


New Jersey Makers Day

Community members of all ages join together in a fun-filled day with creative hands-on activities with a STEM focus. New Jersey Maker’s Day, held in downtown Flemington, brings together innovation, creativity, and inspires growth in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, math and more. Maker’s Day seeks to enhance community engagement and facilitate connections among New Jersey residents by exploring new and interesting opportunities for community-wide education, entrepreneurship, and hands-on learning experiences.

Women in STEM Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn program was co-sponsored by the National Science Honor Society and a Robotics team. Individuals were invited to talk about STEM careers.

Hunterdon Robotics

Hunterdon Robotics believe in sparking interest in STEM at an early age. Over 90% of their alumni have gone on to college in a STEM-related field. This partner group work closely with other local organizations to support numerous STEM clubs.

Family Science Nights

All families in the areas are invited to participate in robot builds, demonstrations, hands-on STEM activities and take-home robotics builds.

Girl Scout STEM Night

The Girl Scout STEM event was led by a local Girl Scout Troop. The girls work on their “Robotics” badge and participate in STEM activities and learning events.

Maker’s Nights

These nights are focused on bringing the community together to engage in learning and “making” together. Student agency and leadership from students is promoted through peer leaders. The College of New Jersey and the Robotics Clubs, as well as Women in STEM club members participate.


HSMC STEM Ecosystem is one of 6 Ecosystems in NJ and one of 94 Ecosystems worldwide.

It is comprised of over 40 organizations from:

High Education


Pre-K to Grade 12

Community-based Groups

Funders & Philanthropy

Out of School Programs

Non-Profit Organizations