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Teacher Recruiting and Training is dedicated to advancing, training, and recruiting STEM teachers within New Jersey schools.

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Calendar of Events

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Key Results


  1. To increase the number of qualified teachers teaching in a STEM-related subject matter in New Jersey.
  2. To increase the number of, and participation in, quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics and STEM professional development opportunities.

Key Results

  • Development of an emergency STEM teacher certification program.
  • Develop a public relations campaign to recruit high school students to consider a career as a teacher in a STEM-related subject.
  • Develop a toolkit of PD and coaching for P-12 teachers.
  • 4.An online directory of STEM PD, coaching and residences is launched for P-16 and informal educators.
  • TCNJ increases number of partnerships with school districts/ecosystems to provide STEM PD.
  • NJ Future Ready Future Educators Association partners with NJSPN to expand its number of participants.

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Patricia Smeyers 
Priority Group Chair

New Jersey STEM Pathways Network
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