STEM Month-March 18′

Celebrate New Jersey's Commitment to Excellence in STEM

For the past three years, New Jersey has hosted its annual New Jersey STEM Week to promote the state's commitment to STEM excellence. 

In our quest to designate another week to STEM in March we have, with the support of Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker's office, officially designated the entire month of March as New Jersey STEM Month 2018!

Under the management of the New Jersey STEM Pathways Network (NJSPN), New Jersey STEM Month encourages ALL organizations located throughout New Jersey to showcase their work to increase access to STEM learning, to prepare learners of all ages for STEM careers and to connect multiple partners in your STEM work. Highlight your event today by completing the NJSPN Event Form.

Get Involved

To participate in New Jersey STEM Month 2018, identify an existing program, event or site tour to showcase during March 2018 and add it to the state calendar by completing the NJSPN Event Form

If your organization does not have an existing program or event to showcase during March, reach out to local organizations to discuss a potential partnership for a STEM Month event. You are also welcome to create a new opportunity for state partners to tour a program site or host a new event in your area.

Any of the three options mentioned above are welcomed during STEM Month. The goal is to showcase STEM in your region and spark innovation conversation. Don’t forget to complete the NJSPN Event Form.

Who Can Participate?

Collaboration across organizations is highly encouraged. All organizations that support STEM learning, career pathways and workforce development are welcome to participate.

Support and Resources

Click here to download a List of New Jersey Legislators, and here to download sample invitation language.

Click here for a .png file of the official NJ STEM Month Logo. 

(Remember to right-click and hit "save image as").


Click here to download a New Jersey STEM Month Informational Powerpoint. Feel free to use this deck and add slides with information relevant to your event where neededIf you'd like, use the final two slides to add your own locally relevant information.

Click to download the New Jersey STEM Month one-pager. Within this handout, you will find background on NJ STEM Month, helpful links, and examples of STEM Month events.

Thanks to the generosity of the Overdeck Family Foundation, NJ STEM Month mini grants have been awarded up to $500 per organization for event enhancements. 

Please note all awarded proposals are required to meet the terms as set forth in the grant award letter. 

Contact Us

For further questions or comments, please email Kim Case at or Alex Caronna at