Newark STEAM Coalition

Leading Organization:

Newark Thrives!

Traymanesha Moore-Lamy

Founding Executive Director, Newark Thrives!

Mahako Etta

Senior Project Lead, Newark STEAM Coalition


The Newark STEAM Coalition is a 40 member cross-sector collaborative established in 2016 to prepare Newark students for STEAM careers and workforce opportunities. Our mission is to create a resource-rich ecosystem that prepares Newark’s PreK-16 students to fully participate in a 21st century workforce. Our Core Values Include:

  • We Acknowledge Science & the Arts are Symbiotic—The Scientific Method and Design Process is intrinsically linked, aligned & work better together than apart.
  • We Believe in the Arts—The Arts processes of Creativity, Design & Innovation are fundamental to achieving a deeper understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  • We Believe in Creativity & Inquiry-Based Learning— Creativity is essential to deepening learning, improving outcomes and preparing for the workforce in a STEAM Continuum.
  • We are Inclusive AND Aspirational—We recognize the significance of each STEAM discipline to our collective, and commit to deepening our knowledge across fields to develop a cohesive STEAM pipeline.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Increase the percentage of Newark youth entering STEAM/ STEM educational and career pathways by enhancing processes that support equitable access.
  • Grow interdisciplinary learning experiences (In-school/OST) that are culturally relevant, and career focused.
  • Enhance STEAM-based learning standards (In-school/OST) to ensure that Newark learners are globally competitive.

Our Ecosystem

Our coalition is comprised of 40 organizations representing the following sectors:

Newark's Opportunity

  • Newark is a City of Creativity, Innovation and Learning. The city educates over 80,000 students daily.
  • Newark plays host major Tech conferences, Amazon Alexa and MetroLab Network 2018 National Summit.
  • The nonprofit arts and culture sector is a $178.3 million industry in the City of Newark—one that supports 4,963 full- time equivalent jobs and generates $15.6 million in local and state government revenue (2017 The Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Study).
  • Newark is home to major corporate industries, Panasonic, Audible Inc., Prudential, Prudential Center, MARS, Horizon, and PSE&G
  • Newark is home to major arts and cultural institutions, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, The Newark Museum, The Newark Library, Newark Arts, WBGO, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, many Art Galleries.

Our Priorities

Aligning STEAM in-school and Out-of-school Programs

Support STEAM Programming, CTE, Robotics, Geo-Science, Environmental, and Creative Tech

Workforce Development

Develop Tool that Aligns Schools with Business and Corporate Partners

Professional Development

Provide yearly PD Sessions for Middle and High school Educators