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New jersey Women in STEM High School Scholarship

March 29, 2018

Association For Women In Science New Jersey High School STEM awards and scholarships are offered annually. Female high school seniors and juniors, residing anywhere in the state and interested in STEM can apply. Applicants are asked to write an essay on a STEM professional with a NJ connection (female). Academic performance and teacher recommendations are also evaluated.

2018 Annual AWIS-NJ STEM Scholarship & Award for New Jersey High School Senior and Junior Girls.

Deadline June 30, 2018 (11 pm), Winners will be announced July 31, 2018
3 awards for High School Juniors
3 awards for High School Seniors (Applicants who have already received awards as juniors are not eligible to re-apply)

Scholarship Application Guidelines:
– Who can enter: Female high school Seniors and Juniors who reside in New Jersey

– Seniors: Who are entering college, university or any educational institute 2017 studying STEM subjects (anywhere in US). Three awards & certificates, First award $500, Second award $250 & Third award $250. Awards may be used as you wish toward your education at any educational institution.

– Juniors: Who demonstrate interest & intent to pursue STEM for higher education by school courses, extracurricular activities etc. Three awards, recognition certificates and plaques, no cash rewards.

The word or PDF document application package sent to awis_cjc@yahoo.com should include:
1. Cover email
2. An essay
3. Recommendation letter

– Cover Email: The Subject line of your email must say: Your name, Scholarship 2018 Application.

– Include:
1. Your contact information—Name, address, email, phone
2. Name and contact information for your Recommender (see 3– for details)
3. Name and location of your High School
4. Name and contact information for your Guidance Counselor
5. Name and contact information for a parent or other adult involved with your education
6. Academic Information, i.e., GPA and class rank (if available), SAT or ACT score
7. List of extracurricular activities, with brief descriptions.
8. List of any additional awards, distinctions, relevant AP courses or community projects.

– Essay/Scientist Profile Guidance: We welcome original, succinct essays up to 500 words:
Many accomplished scientists are based in, or have had a connection with New Jersey during their careers. The AWIS NJ Annual Scholarship Competition is an opportunity to reach out and conduct a brief interview with a New Jersey – connected female scientist in any content area that interests you. Your profile subject may live or work in NJ now, or may have done so at any time in their lives. Think about teachers who have inspired you; women who discover and develop drugs; architects and engineers who design and create buildings, bridges, renewable energy, environmental solutions; computational researchers who write software, social networking applications– inspiration is all around us. This is an opportunity to learn more about someone you already know, or to meet a scientist who interests you.

Include your subject’s New Jersey connection, their current experience and its significance to their field of endeavor, and your personal take-away. Perhaps this person has helped you understand ways that today’s scientists work together, or perhaps this person’s experience has helped you focus your interests. While you may use the Internet to help find your subject and useful background material, you must conduct a personal interview. Your profile must include at least one quote from your subject.

Recommendation letters
From the adult of your choice, who have interacted with you professionally. Please ask your advocate to use the Subject line: Your Name Scholarship 2016 Recommendation and send to awis_cjc@yahoo.com
Send completed applications to awis_cjc@yahoo.com. Any applicant essay may be posted on the http://www.awisnj.org website after winners are announced.
Best of Luck! You could be the next winner. We look forward to reading your essay and supporting your career.

For more information on this event, please contact:
Kamana Misra
Association for women in Science, New Jersey


March 29, 2018