STEM Saturday: Expedition for Kids

Hosting Organization: New Jersey City University

Date: March 9, 2019 & March 16, 2019

Learners Impacted: 15

We celebrated New Jersey STEM month with 4-7-year-olds at New Jersey City University campus in two sessions of EGGOLOGY. Students learned about the structure and function of different parts of an egg, the difference between a hen and a rooster by looking at realistic chicken models. Lastly, we spent time discussing the phases of a chicken’s life cycle. During the two-hour session, kids generated egg and chicken journal, glued different parts of eggs in their science journal, and colored eggs to learn about how eggshell has pores. All the kids received a certification of participation; a goodie bag and a science journal. Dr. Vanashri Nargund-Joshi, Associate professor lead the session with the help of a student assistant, Rami Siyam, a Biology major.