Hosting organization: Passaic Academy for Science and Engineering

County: Passaic

Total Attendees: 317

Passaic Academy for Science and Engineering went all out to commemorate NJ STEM Month, dedicating an entire week to STEAM activities that sparked creativity, innovation, and a strong sense of community. Two of the most standout events were the first-ever PASE Speaker Series and the STEAM Family Night. At the PASE Speaker Series, STEM professionals from leading industries including Matrix New World Engineering, Indeed, Bristol Myers Squibb, CISA, Syro, Panasonic North America, Placeholder, and more, gathered to share their real-world experiences, skills, and accomplishments with PASE’s future innovators. PASE students left feeling inspired and ready to take on their STEM journeys. The STEAM Family Night began with a keynote speech by Nicole Lucianin from Matrix New World Engineering, a women-owned Engineering Consulting company that focuses on solving national and global challenges in water, climate change, energy, transportation, and infrastructure. Nicole’s speech urged all students to follow their passions while building a support system both at home and school. Students and their families then put on their scientist, engineer, artist, and mathematician hats and engaged in hands-on explorations of various STEAM disciplines. Participants conducted chemical reactions, dusted for fingerprints, wrote binary code, competed in coding battles, crafted zentangles, solved math challenges, and even learned about the science behind cooking cotton candy!