Leap into Science in the Garden

Hosting Organization: Greater Newark Conservancy

Dates: March 9, 2019 & March 27, 2019

Learners Impacted: 36

At Conservancy’s Shipley Urban Environmental Center, Second Saturday Family Adventure preschool families explored the physical properties of sand. In our greenhouse sort, sift sands and soils, create sand by smashing rocks and shells, use misters, droppers, and the interaction of water and sand. Use microscopes array of colors, shapes and sizes of particles. Slime-lovers create a special slime formula adding sand to change the physical properties of the mix.

At Springfield branch library, 3rd-6th grade, Leap Into Science materials, balance, create simple scales, their own bodies used counter-forces to maintain balance. We plan to return to the topic to create a kinetic sculpture that will be displayed in the library courtyard.