Family Maker Night | New Jersey STEM Month Event

Hosting Organization: Denville Public Library
Event Date: 3/9
Total Attendees: 73

After a week of storms and widespread power outages throughout the community, the Denville Library was a warm and lively spot as we celebrated our first-ever Family Maker Night on March 9th. Held after the library closed, kids in kindergarten through fifth grade — and their families! — enjoyed pizza before heading over to our different maker stations. Participants opened up old appliances and devices in our breakerspace; made colored slime; played with our sensory table of oobleck, diaper snow, and kinetic sand; worked with circuit kits; built LEGO, Straws & Connectors, and big block structures; made personalized buttons; and even created their very own lava lamps. We learned about science and engineering, we had a great time, and we can’t wait to do it again next year!