Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance STEM Crawl | New Jersey STEM Month Event

Hosting Organization: Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance
Event Date: 3/16
Total Attendees: 30

Ecosystem partners, community members, local governance members, higher-education institution partners, business industry partners, and legislatures participated in New Jersey’s STEM Month on March 16th with a STEM Crawl. Aligning with the theme of “Cradle to College and Career,” the STEM crawl fostered a larger network community of innovative and dedicated educators, leaders, and researchers who share the same goal of broader participation in STEM.

The STEM crawl began with the youngest students involved in STEM: preschool through grade 2 students at Millbridge Elementary School. Next was a visit to the Rain Gardens for Recess; a green infrastructure installation and program to promote physical activity. Elementary-aged students shared with STEM crawl participants how the Millbridge Rain Garden came to life and the STEM design principles behind the project.

Leaving the cradle of STEM at the Rain Gardens, STEM crawl participants headed to the roof-top Bio-Tech area to hear from students in grades 9-12 about Delran’s energy efficiency project. Students, teachers, and Sustainability Project Managers spoke about energy efficiency and demonstrated how kiosks and dashboards display energy usage information. Schneider Electric shared how their partnership with the district led to significant contributions to environmental protections.

The third stop on the STEM crawl was to Rowan Community College at Burlington County (RCBC). RCBC showcased their engineering which involved teams of students of various disciplines working on engineering design projects. Electronic and mechanical topics along with schematic drawing software are incorporated in lecture and lab modules.

Last on the Cradle to College and Career was at Radwell, International for a tour of the STEM manufacturing tools used at Radwell, International, followed by a luncheon for all participants and a lunch briefing on the work of the Delran STEM Ecosystem.

The goal of the Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance STEM Crawl was to promote the ecosystem’s work in STEM and highlight partnerships between existing STEM partners. It is about giving students an opportunity to showcase a little bit of what they’re learning,” said Kari McGann, the lead for the alliance. “But the STEM ecosystem crawl is more about providing information to others about what it is that New Jersey is trying to do with the creating jobs in STEM to assist with the workforce gap in STEM in New Jersey.