Cumberland County College STEM Symposium | New Jersey STEM Month Event

Hosting Organization: Cumberland County College
Event Date: 3/3
Total Attendees: 53 student competitors, 11 volunteers

At the first annual STEM Symposium, college and high school students in AP classes tested their knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics. Undergraduate research from Rowan University was presented to the young scholars. Dr Frances Colon, who has worked as a neuroscientist and a science diplomat in the US State Department, delivered a great keynote speech on the many doors that open when a person has developed STEM skills. After lunch, winning teams and researchers were presented with prizes, which were made possible through NJ STEM Pathways.

This was the first annual STEM Symposium at Cumberland College, beginning a new tradition of celebrating excellence in STEM among South Jersey’s scholars and broadening the horizons of students in Cumberland County.