BRHS C.O.D.E. Club March Mayhem

Hosting organization: BRHS C.O.D.E. Club

County: Somerset

Total Attendees: 51

Bridgewater Raritan High Schol Students across multiple demographics and skill levels joined together in the first-ever BRHS C.O.D.E. Club March Mayhem event. Participants enjoyed refreshments, candy, pizza, and desserts. A select few of 16 people were also awarded for their expertise and passion in STEM. The winners were determined through three lengthy competitions in the form of kahoots, competitive programming questions, and projects! NJ STEM Pathways’ funding provided BRHS C.O.D.E. Club a fitting way to recognize STEM-related passions and celebrate the club’s 144-member growth since its founding of the 2022-2023 school year! The BRHS C.O.D.E. Club officers worked hard to appeal to all demographics in order to ensure equal opportunity in the fields of STEM. Additionally, the event aimed to contribute to solutions against climate change by urging students to come up with their own environmentally-themed STEM projects. In the future, BRHS C.O.D.E. Club plans on extending the passion derived from the event sponsored by NJ STEM Pathways to build leaders who will organize a future BRHS Hackathon! BRHS C.O.D.E. Club would like to thank Ethan Wang, Ceiron Dushyanthan, Vanshika Yadav, Saanvi Goel, Kinshuk Goel, Chris Qiu, Sean Stimpfle, Fangze Shang, Katherine Apel, and NJ STEM Pathways for their hard work in organizing this event.